Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica


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The Order of a Dragon from Gračanica won the first place on archery tournament at Just Out festival - 28.08.2017.

Despite the strong competition, Nemanja Mihajlović from Gračanica won the first place at the archery tournament, and thus contributed to the greater popularity and better recognition of the knight's association Order of a Dragon from Gračanica.
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SHIELD Festival Schedule - 14.06.2017.

The second International Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts – “SHIELD” will be held on 23th of June 2017, in Gračanica at school yard of King Milutin elementary school. This year, festival will be organized by Tourism Organization of Gračanica, two organizations for preservation of medieval arts and crafts - Order of Dragon from Gračanica and White Eagles from Belgrade. 
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3D computer reconstruction of Basilica and Baptistery from the Archeological site Upliana - 06.06.2017.

Two years ago, the Mimar Sinan University from Turkey ended its archeological excavations of the Baptistery and Basilica within the archeological site Ulpiana. The Tourism Organization of Gracanica has, during their work at this site, established the extraordinary cooperation with the archeological team led by the Prof. Dr. Haluk Çetinkaja.    
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