Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

Milan Lane Gutović - actor

1) Have you ever been to Gracanica?
Yes, the visit was so short as to be reduced to greet the audience. It turned out that we went too late and that we have not so much time to return for performance in Belgrade.

2) What were you thinking when you decided to come and visit us?
Only about the contribution of Serbia and the time in which my contribution is reduced to visit of Serbian enclave that represents the sign of my country on its territory. 

3) Is there any deference between the things that you heard about Gracanica and the things that you saw when you arrived?
Obviously we are no longer interesting. A small number of Serbs within enclave does not bother anyone thus life in here is relatively peaceful. 

4) Do you have any positive impressions from this visit of Gracanica?
All impressions are positive. From the monastery to the people with whom I head the contact, my performance was at open square in center which had shortcomings arising from performance on open space, but I heard that there are conditions for theatre performance in the hall. Those theatre performances in Gracanica would prove to inhabitants that they are not alone and abandoned. I think that this would be a significant move of the local authorities as well Serbian in general.      

5) Have you taste any local specialty, and do you like it?
I didn’t have the opportunity because I was in a hurry; I had to go back to Belgrade. I suppose I’ll come back some time in Gracanica, but then I’m not going to rush.  

6) What would you recommend to those who didn’t visit Gracanica yet? 
It is difficult to explain to someone the feeling that visitor possess, not just because of the state of the Serbs life in Kosovo, but because of monuments of Serbian culture, spiritual and religious heritage that need to be continued in these difficult times.   

7) Do you intend to visit us again?
When you invite me again, because I have friends in Mitrovica I think I’ll come without invitation.

8) Do you have your life motto that you would share with us?
I have, that’s a quote from Iliad:

“The credit belongs to the man who remains in the arena, whose face is smeared by dust and sweat and blood, even if defeated becomes, as such strives valiantly, so that his place shall never be with those who not know the relish of victory, neither moments of defeat.”