Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

Danilo Bećković – director of the film Mali Budo

1) Have you ever been to Gracanica?
No, this is the first time I came here. But, I feel like I already been and like I am coming for the hundredth time.  We all meant to be in Gracanica!

2) What were you thinking when you decided to come and visit us?
I was not thinking of anything. Something was pulling me to Gracanica. Not to be pathetic, but my heart ordered so. 

3) Is there any deference between the things that you heard about Gracanica and the things that you saw when you arrived?
The very monastery is piece of heaven on earth, and I didn’t doubt. Yes the town is pretty and neat, I saw it on TV. What I didn’t expect, those are so young and smiling faces. 

4) Your positive impressions from Gracanica?
Delightful, warm, brave and cheerful people! It is obvious that they live nearby sanctity!

5) Have you taste any local specialty, and do you like it?
In Kosovo I tasted a great rakia (brandy) and the best wine in the world.

6) What would you recommend to those who didn’t visit Gracanica yet?
Back to your home – come to Gracanica!

7) Do you intend to visit us again?
If there is a God – as soon as possible!

8) Do you have your life motto that you would share with us?
I believe that this applies not only to fight, but also to everything that man does in his life. The words are great and it is difficult to state them, but at least should be encouraged by them:   
If you kiss a bloody sward 
and you sail into nigh waves, 
You deserved the dust solemnization.