Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

Gracanica will soon get the tourist info signs


On Thursday, 8th of December, the Tourism Organization of Gracanica and Municipality of Gracanica has signed the cooperation contract with Swiss organization Swisscontact. The contract provides the donation for 111 traffic tourist info signs which will be installed at the territory of Municipality of Gracanica. It is expected that works on the preparation, development and installment of the tourist info signs last for 2 months.

Along with Tourism Development, it is evident to increase the number of tourist in Gracanica, therefore it is necessary to install the tourist info signs to guide tourists to the tourist attractions, accommodation facilities and sports centers. With the implementation of this project, which is predicted in the Tourism Development Strategy of Municipality of Gracanica (2016 – 2021), the movement of the tourists within the territory of Municipality of Gracanica will be much easier.

Let’s recall that this is the continuation of the great cooperation with the Swisscontact organization, which in partnership with TOG organizes the three-day study visit for the touristic agencies from Belgrade and Novi Sad in May, current year. Within this visit, a memorandum of cooperation has been signed between TOG and touristic agencies. As the direct result of such memorandum 5 groups (more than 100 tourists) from Taiwan visited Gracanica from June until October.

You may read more about the study visit here.