Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

Goran Radovanović – director of the film Enklava

1) Have you ever been to Gracanica?
Yes, 35 years ago

2) What were you thinking when you decided to come and visit us?
The significance of Gracanica for the Serbian art, but also its current significance in this delicate moment of history.   

3) Is there any deference between the things that you heard about Gracanica and the things that you saw when you arrived?
It has. What is experienced onsite cannot be described!

4) Your positive impressions from Gracanica?
Everything is great! Magnificent! 

5) Have you taste any local specialty, and do you like it?
I tasted various and very tasty food!

6) What would you recommend to those who didn’t visit Gracanica yet?
Who has not seen Gracanica, did not seen a Serbian Middle Ages!  

7) Do you intend to visit us again?
Of course, I cannot wait for the next reunion!

8) Do you have your life motto that you would share with us?
I don’t have a life motto...